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Do words affect our bodies?

Words can affect us on a cellular level

Dr. Masaru Emoto reveals just how words affect our bodies. Simply put, since words affect water and our bodies are composed mostly of water, words affect us.
Emoto looked at the effects of words on the molecular structure of water. He theorized that since water is energy, it could be affected by words, music, and geographical locations. He labeled some petri dishes filled with water with the words and phrases “love,” “thank you,” and “beautiful,” and others with words and phrases like “hate,” “you fool,” and “ugly.” He froze the samples and then used a dark field microscope to examine the molecular structure of samples taken from each of the dishes. He discovered that the water from the petri dishes labeled with positive, loving messages formed beautiful crystals, while the water from the petri dishes labeled with harsh and unkind words formed grotesque configurations. He repeated his experiments using classical music versus heavy metal and got similar results. Astounding! The implication is that since we are water and since words affect water, the words we say to ourselves, and those said to us by others, directly affect our bodies on a cellular level.


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