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Yoga is a powerful tool to help one reach his/her full human potential. Yoga can be considered the essentials such as water, sunlight, and nutrients to help the seeds, which are within each one of us, to grow. This cultivates a vibrant, beautiful life. Yoga is a science with which to develop your body, mind, and spirit. The ultimate goal of Yoga, which literally means, Union, is to reunite a person with the Universal Source. While Universal Source can be called God, Buddha, etc, Yoga is a pathway to bring a person to a realization that he/she and this Universal Source are inseparably one.

There are many different types of Yoga. Some include:

Bhakti Yoga:

Emphasizes love as the pathway to liberation and Union. This branch attracts those who are emotional in nature and have a strong longing to be reunited with their beloved creator.
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Jyana Yoga:

Emphasizes the intellectual and philosophical approach to penetrate the illusion of dualistic reality.
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Kundalini Yoga:
Emphasizes the activation of Kundalini Shakti for enlightenment. This is considered the most powerful form of Yoga as it is the Yoga for Energy & Awareness. It is for those with a strong will and a passion for the Supreme and the mystical.
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Raja Yoga:
Emphasizes a holistic approach to life. It is considered the Scientific approach emphasizing the path to Self-Realization. Regular practice of Raja Yoga promotes health, happiness, and insight.
A few limbs of Raja Yoga include:
Asanas: Physical poses and postures
Pranayama: Control of Vital Energy (prana) with the use of breathing exercises.
Dhyana: Meditation raja yoga image (1) raja yoga image
The most important aspect regarding the Philosophy of Yoga is based on Self-Realization. In essence, you are given the tools required, and using them you bring out the necessary transformations in yourself to reach your highest potential in life.

Yoga is a type of meditation. It is a meditation in motion. There are three main key elements to obtaining maximum benefits from a Yoga practice which include:

  1. Do Yoga Exercises With Full Awareness
  2. Never Over Strain When Practicing Yoga
  3. Yoga & Breathing Go Hand In Hand
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