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Programmed from birth

At birth, you begin to react to your new surroundings. Your reactions to the environment are mainly involuntary reflexes. For example, just as newly hatched birds automatically open their mouths to be fed, newborn human babies instinctively turn their heads to suckle. This programming is innate; it is there to ensure survival. It begins in our DNA, continues while we are in the womb, and is present during delivery and at birth. Programming goes on throughout growth and development; some of it is positive and some of it is negative. The negative programming, or conditioning, is often internalized, which leads, as we grow, to negative self- talk and plummeting self-esteem. Self-limiting messages will overtake our perceptions unless we reprogram ourselves and change them.

As children, you constantly hear messages from your parents, teachers, and siblings that are implanted in your subconscious mind. Whether these messages are negative or positive, the subconscious mind treats them as “truths.” As adults, we are conditioned to perceive things in a way that conforms to the belief systems found in early childhood. Negative programming must be transformed by positive self- talk, positive beliefs, and positive action in order for you to have the successful life you desire.

Have you ever interacted with a young child who has been spared negative programming, at least up to that point in his or her life? Think of a little girl, for example, who wants to be a fairy princess. Do you think she is thinking, I am not pretty enough, I am not skinny enough, and no knight will come for me? No; on the contrary! Free of the shackles of internalized limitations, she is a fairy princess.

How about the little boy who wants to be a baseball player? Does he think, I can’t throw. I am neither athletic nor strong enough? No! Again, without internalized limitations, he happily and tirelessly practices throwing, catching, and hitting. When he gets a great hit, he pauses to take in the roar of the crowd. In his mind, he is already a star.

Most of the limitations you have are the ones you have chosen for yourself. You either told yourself or agreed to believe that you can’t do this or that, that you will never be this or that, and that you will never have this or that. Then you played those tapes over and over in your mind, ensuring those very outcomes. Now is the time to eradicate your negative thinking! Once you are aware of your thoughts, it becomes much easier to change them. You can fill your mind with positive thoughts and images, and in so doing you can transform old, worn-out belief systems. Now you are on your way to success!

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