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Bone Health

Bone Health . . . Life Wealth

A New Breakthrough Technology: OsteoDenx Provides a transport system for replenishment of bone… Not a vitamin supplement. Not a chemical drug. No negative side effects. Contains no calcium. Provides an anti-aging and for some, a reverse-aging effect to the bone. Severe osteoporosis cases: double-digit increased bone density is possible in one year. Properly functioning bones bring other vital systems into balance. Bones (which create red/white blood cells) are fundamental to the immune system.

Dr.-Narain-NaiduThe Genius: Dr. Narain Naidu, Ph.D.His discoveries are the basis for the founding of 4 successful Biotech companies. On Faculty of Universities in Europe, Asia and the United States. Consults Government Health Agencies, Pharmaceutical and Biotech enterprises worldwide. 100 research publications, 25 book chapters, and 2 best selling reference volumes. Solved toxic shock syndrome and the e-coli problem in the US beef industry.

Director: Center for Antimicrobial Research. Medical Microbiologist: California State Polytech University.Director (Past) www.n-terminus.com.On the short list for: Nobel Prize.

The Osteodenx Solution

bone-bottomTargets the synovial fluid using a Syno-Portin complex unique to Osteodenx, Bone metabolism: reestablishes an efficient system as in your youth. When our bones function properly other systems can recalibrate. 3 Componants: OsteoDenx, Nikken Calcium Plus, Lactoferrin Gold 1.8. Nikken Inc. and its Consultants hold exclusive distribution rights. Osteodenx technology is protected by 2 patents plus three patents pending.

The Market

10 Million Americans have Osteoporosis.34 Million Americans have low bone mass.66 Million – joint related issues. TOTAL: 110 Million people affected. Studies indicate our teenage youth are at riskfor osteoporosis. Athletes, mothers, older men and women, and anyone seeking a wellness path are candidates.

“They will not fall and break their bones, they will break their bone…and fall.”

Fosamax sold $3 Billion in 2005.Boniva sold $417 Million in 2006.Actonel: Proctor & Gamble’s biggest product

The Current Solution

bone-healthThe Current Solution:Prescription drugs: designed to inhibit calcium from exiting bones – leaving other bodily systems that require calcium (from bones) to suffer. Bones may become denser but are weaker. Natural bone turnover process is inhibited. Some of the medications may even create a brittle bone matrix.

Side effects: esophageal cancer, altered taste, mental irritability, numbness,seizures, dental problems (including deteriorating jaw bones), anemia, bloodclotting disorders, decreased joint mobility, pain in the muscles, joints and orbones, eye problems, skin rash, gastrointestinal abnormalities, inflammation of theesophagus, chest pain, heartburn or difficulty swallowing… (and that’s what we’reaware of.)

Calcium supplementation: Studies indicate, “the excess calcium buries itself in yourartery walls and muscle cells where it contributes to high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. Why do youthink doctors give you calcium channel blockers for high blood pressure?”

The Cost Comparison:

One Prescription Actonel pill (150 mg) averages $100 or $400.00+ per month.

The OsteoDenx Solution: under half the cost and available without a prescription.


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