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Heart Wall

At one or more times in your life, you have experienced some level of heartache, whether it was a disappointment in or from your parents, ending a relationship, betrayal, losing someone close to you, the list goes on. In these times we can experience a variety of emotions which can become trapped in the body. The subconscious mind (which makes up 90% of our intelligence) archives every experience we have.   subconscious iceburg imageIn a healthy experience, emotions are experienced and let go of, released. However, when we experience anything that the subconscious sees as uncomfortable, threatening, etc., it wants to protect us and traps the emotions rather than allowing us to experience and release them. In the case of any type of heartache large or small, a Heart-Wall is created and is made up of these trapped emotions.

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The Heart Wall hinders your ability to give and receive love freely. It asks as a filter and doesn’t allow you to fully express love and distorts the experience of love that is being sent to you. Per Dr. Bradly Nelson’s work, “a Heart Wall can cause depression, numbness, a sense of isolation, anxiety, and self-sabotage. It will also block you from success. Having a Heart Wall can make healing more difficult since messages of healing resonate from the heart”.

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The Heart Wall can be released through the use of the Emotion Code Technique. This is an easy and effortless method to connect with your subconscious and allow it to direct us to the emotions trapped in the Heart Wall. Each emotion is identified and released without the need to dig up the past or ponder endlessly about the situation that caused the emotion. This process generally takes 3 sessions to remove.

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