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Law of Gravitation

Do you know that gravity is actually known in physics as the Law of Gravitation? This law states that if you fall from a building, then you will hit the ground. We understand that, and we don’t question it. So, why do so many people doubt a universal law—the Law of Attraction—which states that we attract things, good or bad, depending on our thoughts? We are constantly sending out vibrations, which in turn attract things to us. We are, in essence, our own magnets.

Thoughts are vibrations of energy. These vibrations cannot be seen or heard, yet they manifest in our lives on a continual basis. The fact that we cannot weigh or measure them leads some to doubt their existence. Isn’t it interesting that those who don’t believe in the Law of Attraction seem to find enough evidence to support their disbelief in it? Yet those who do believe in the Law of Attraction find ample evidence that it exists. You will find what you are looking for based on the way in which you peer out into the world.

As your understanding of the Law of Attraction grows, so will your awareness of giving energy only to what you want to attract. For example, when you are focusing on abundance and feeling it in every cell of your body, you are in alignment with what you want. Your vibrational signal is transmitted to the universe (source energy) to attract its vibrational match, in this case, more abundance. It is, after all, what you are focusing on. If you focus long and hard enough on anything with feeling, then the Law of Attraction ensures that that is precisely what you’ll get.

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