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Get Out of Your Children’s Way

     Some parents want their child to be or do something other than what the child wants for him- or herself at the expense of them pursuing their dreams and passions. While it may seem unconventional to use an animated film to address a parenting issue, the movie Kung Fu Panda provides an excellent example. The panda seeks to fulfill his dream of learning kung fu, but his father wants him to continue the family tradition of running a noodle restaurant. When the panda asks his dad if he had ever wanted to do something else with his life, his father shares that he had always wanted to make tofu. When asked why he did not follow his dream, the father says that it was nothing but a silly dream. The young panda realizes that any dream worth having is a dream worth fulfilling. It is with that conviction and determination that the little panda goes on to become Kung Fu Panda. Sometimes we have to forget our ego’s attachments to what we want for our children and let them pursue what is in their hearts. And, what better way to support them than by sharing the teachings of the Law of Attraction?

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