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Do People have a consciousness?

Do People have a Consciousness?

The more and more I observe people and their behavior, I have to wonder if ‘People have a consciousness?’ What does it mean to ‘have a consciousness?’ I take that as being aware, respectful and appreciative of other people and what they do. It is living from a higher state of awareness.

When someone, out of the nowhere, complains about a service or other people, just to get something for free, you have to wonder if they really have a consciousness. Are they really thinking or do they play the ‘game’ of hurting and upsetting people to get something for free. Could it be a poverty consciousness? Could be. Do they sleep at night?

I personally have a grateful and abundant consciousness. In my book, Transformation in Action, I speak of vibrational energy as well as Karma. What does that mean? When someone acts from a lower level of consciousness, it is their karma. A person is responsible for their actions, especially when it is coming from the wrong reasons.

When someone is ungrateful, they are giving off the wrong vibrations. In turn, they attract more things to complain about and be ungrateful for. Right the opposite, when a person is grateful and appreciative, they have more to be grateful for. It is the law! No getting around it!

It is the best feeling working with and having clients that have a conscious mind. Clients that are so appreciative. What does that make a therapist or person what to do? Give more to that client. In life, especially, energy work, people exchange energy. When someone has ‘bad energy’ or complains, then why would a person want to work on him or her? Yet, when a person is so happy, grateful and appreciative, working on that person becomes a passion.

I go back to my original question? Do people who complain or are ungrateful, “have a consciousness?”

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