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    For the Law of Attraction to be effective, you must start with a clear desire, the ability to dream, and a vivid imagination. Our desires are what ultimately fuel our successes. Can you discern the wisdom of the quote? “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”?

    To cultivate our desires we must have a vivid imagination and allow ourselves to dream. Our best teachers are children. They  have such creative imaginations! This is why their minds must be kept clear of unwanted and limiting beliefs. Also, it is important that children be allowed to daydream. Nowadays, however, if children daydream “too much,” then they are often diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD. They are given pharmaceutical drugs that have side effects, which affect their bodies and their brains, when all they wanted to do was dream!

    Daydreams provide the material for the Law of Attraction to work because they help paint a vivid picture of our desires. It is through the process of daydreaming, or creative imagination, that the subconscious mind begins to absorb what we truly desire. Unfortunately, some of us don’t daydream anymore and haven’t since childhood. Indulge yourself in this creative process on a regular basis along with taking concrete action steps to expedite the manifestation process.

“Daydreaming is like oxygen for your mind. If you can’t daydream, you’re slowly suffocating.” —Dragos Roua

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