Do words affect our bodies?

Words can affect us on a cellular levelDr. Masaru Emoto reveals just how words affect our bodies. Simply put, since words affect water and our bodies are composed mostly of water, words affect us. Emoto looked at the effects of words on the molecular structure of water. He theorized that since water is energy, it […]

Humans Being More

This intensive two-day program doesn’t promise to turn you into someone you’re not. It isn’t a business seminar, though it can help you to become more successful in everything you do. Harness the power of intention and commitment. Gain clarity on how to reach your personal goals. Improve listening and communication skills. Assume greater control […]

Wellness & Wealth Event

Do You Have a Plan for the Rest of Your Life? Need to increase your Cash flow? Learn the Secrets for Wealth and Happiness Secure Your Future” & New Products!Presented by Dennis & Ruth Williams of Gig Harbor, WA Learn the SecretsSaturday, November 8, 2014 9AM to 1PM Sheraton Crescent Hotel 2620 W. Dunlap (I-17 […]