Do People have a consciousness?

Do People have a Consciousness? The more and more I observe people and their behavior, I have to wonder if ‘People have a consciousness?’ What does it mean to ‘have a consciousness?’ I take that as being aware, respectful and appreciative of other people and what they do. It is living from a higher state […]

What is a Wellness Home?

The concept of a wellness home is based on a comprehensive understanding that long-term health depends on many factors including environment, lifestyle, nutrition, and rejuvenation. It has its roots in the more global concept of the Five Pillars of Health®—healthy mind, body, family, society, and finances—whereby an optimal environment is created by addressing, and balancing, […]


    For the Law of Attraction to be effective, you must start with a clear desire, the ability to dream, and a vivid imagination. Our desires are what ultimately fuel our successes. Can you discern the wisdom of the quote? “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”?     To cultivate […]

Get Out of Your Children’s Way

Some parents want their child to be or do something other than what the child wants for him- or herself at the expense of them pursuing their dreams and passions. While it may seem unconventional to use an animated film to address a parenting issue, the movie Kung Fu Panda provides an excellent example. The […]