Humans Being More

This intensive two-day program doesn’t promise to turn you into someone you’re not. It isn’t a business seminar, though it can help you to become more successful in everything you do. Harness the power of intention and commitment. Gain clarity on how to reach your personal goals. Improve listening and communication skills. Assume greater control […]


What Tranformation in Action can do for you

Operate from a higher plane of consciousness to achieve your goals and dreams. Transform your thinking to be rid of negativity once and for all. Tune your energy to vibrate at a higher frequency. Cultivate a positive attitude toward every day life situations. Become increasingly grateful for the little things you used to dismiss. Learn […]

Transformation in Action

Transformation in Action will lead you on a journey from mediocrity to extraordinary success by teaching you to live consciously, improve your attitude, and enrich your life through the Law of Attraction. With the Five Pillars of Health as the structural framework: healthy mind, body, family, society and finances, you will achieve the balance necessary […]