Get Out of Your Children’s Way

     Some parents want their child to be or do something other than what the child wants for him- or herself at the expense of them pursuing their dreams and passions. While it may seem unconventional to use an animated film to address a parenting issue, the movie Kung Fu Panda provides an excellent […]

Start them young

     What if children knew about the Law of Attraction and put it to use in their lives? Wouldn’t it help them with their academic, personal, and athletic pursuits?     Maybe you have a child who wants to be a professional athlete, a doctor, or an artist—or anything else in life. How much more […]

Law of Gravitation

Do you know that gravity is actually known in physics as the Law of Gravitation? This law states that if you fall from a building, then you will hit the ground. We understand that, and we don’t question it. So, why do so many people doubt a universal law—the Law of Attraction—which states that we […]

Rewiring the Brain

Before you start turning negatives into positives, you should know that it will involve some rewiring of your brain! You see, when things happen to us, we imprint our reactions and feelings, good or bad, upon a neuronet, or a network of associated brain cells. When you have the same reactions and feelings over and […]

Programmed from birth

At birth, you begin to react to your new surroundings. Your reactions to the environment are mainly involuntary reflexes. For example, just as newly hatched birds automatically open their mouths to be fed, newborn human babies instinctively turn their heads to suckle. This programming is innate; it is there to ensure survival. It begins in […]


What Tranformation in Action can do for you

Operate from a higher plane of consciousness to achieve your goals and dreams. Transform your thinking to be rid of negativity once and for all. Tune your energy to vibrate at a higher frequency. Cultivate a positive attitude toward every day life situations. Become increasingly grateful for the little things you used to dismiss. Learn […]