PiMag® Waterfall®


kenkolight-iiWhy? Because sunlight is good for us, physically and mentally. It’s the natural form of light,
and we function best in a natural environment.

Unfortunately, most of us can’t enjoy that environment as often as we should. The demands of a daily schedule, career, home and family put us under artificial light for most of our waking hours.

Conventional man-made illumination is less than ideal for many reasons. For one, it emits energy in an unbalanced or incomplete portion of the light spectrum. Ordinary incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs can’t produce the broad, consistent range of wavelengths that the sun provides. The Nikken® KenkoLightTM II can.

Energy from the sun comprises visible light in a range of wavelengths. An incandescent bulb is deficient in producing the shorter, blue light waves. KenkoLight II illumination offers a more balanced and constant range of visible light across the spectrum. It also augments the amount of available blue light. Some evidence suggests that the application of balanced full-spectrum light can promote a healthy, normal sleep/wake cycle. Research supports the hypothesis that exposure to this light in the early evening can help older adults sleep better at night.

Other studies indicate that full-spectrum illumination may help in improving sleep and learning ability in adolescents. Scientists at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Lighting Research Center report that teenagers deprived of morning full spectrum light are getting less sleep and possibly scoring below their ability levels on standardized exams. These researchers recommend the application of blue light — wavelengths that are largely absent in conventional lighting, but provided by the KenkoLight II — as a solution.

PiMag® Waterfall®

PiMagWaterfallYou can enjoy clean, filtered and enhanced drinking water for a fraction of what bottled water costs. And you'll be saving more than money — at the same time you're helping to protect the environment. The PiMag® Waterfall® is certified to meet contaminant-reduction specifications of ANSI/NSF Standards 42 and 53 in reducing compounds including aesthetic chlorine, chloramine, mercury and volatile organic compounds. This level of performance is superior to filtration in other water systems that cost ten times the price, require electrical power and produce wastewater. The PiMag® Waterfall® adjusts water pH to help balance against a typical modern diet and lifestyle that can lead to excess acidity. Ionizing technology saturates water with electron-rich ions to neutralize free radicals, while pi ceramics and Nikken magnetic technology complete the process. And as alternative to commercially bottled water, the PiMag® Waterfall® helps reduce the number of discarded, disposable bottles that become trash in landfills. Nikken U.S. and international patents pending

KenkoAir Purifier™

Clinically clean, naturally fresh.
KenkoAir Purifier™

The Nikken KenkoAir Purifier combines superior technology with additional features, at a competitive price. The KenkoAir includes multiple filter stages, with an ultra low penetration air filter. ULP


A technology is a breakthrough in air filtration — significantly more effective than a HEPA filter, the longtime standard for hospital operating rooms, microassembly clean rooms and nuclear laboratories. No other air filtration system matches this level of performance.

Nikken added negative-ion generation to provide forest-air freshness, the exhilarating feeling produced by high levels of negative ions in natural settings. The KenkoAir Purifier is also engineered to operate without producing toxic ozone. Its design is sleek and lightweight, and with an Energy Star rating the KenkoAir gives you lower operating costs and helps preserve the environment. Although its price is comparable to many ordinary air filters, the KenkoAir Purifier offers you far more.

Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper

Kenko-Naturest-Mattress-Topper*Due to machine-cutting manufacturing processes, there may be variances in the dimensions of the Cal King Topper of up to approximately 5” in length. The Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper combines advanced scientific technology with natural materials that are environmentally renewable and help you to enjoy refreshing, healthy sleep.

RAM™ (radial-axis magnetism) and SpyderRAM™ Technology feature spherical neodymium magnets which produce a series of overlapping magnetic fields to enfold and surround you.

The physical foundation of the Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper is natural latex rubber — which provides an ideal blend of support and comfort, and is resistant to microbial growth and dust mites. It retains firmness better than polyurethane foam, and wicks away moisture. A natural-fiber cover promotes ventilation, helps to regulate temperature — and offers resistance to flammability without adding the chemicals that some other sleep products require.

The surface of specially molded, gradient-density nodules is the final touch, producing a massage effect that helps you sleep soundly and wake refreshed. After you try the Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper, you'll never want to sleep without it.

Kenko MagDuo™

Kenko-MagDuoCompact, portable and a quick, effective means of relieving soreness, stress or fatigue – the Kenko MagDuo is all of the above. Employing principles derived from nature, this advanced pair of massaging spheres can soothe aches, reduce tension and reenergize, in minutes!

Massage is known to provide relief for sore muscles, tension and discomfort. The MagDuo combines massaging action with Nikken TriPhase® Technology, for an enhanced relaxation experience.

Featuring patent-pending DynaFlux™ Magnetic Technology, the MagDuo incorporates a series of magnets at varying gauss strengths between 800 and 1000. These are placed in polar opposition at several points. The result is that the magnetic field is intensified, for greater depth of penetration.

Jade Greens


Called "nature's perfect food," barley grass is said to have more nutrition than an equal serving of any other vegetable. The barley grass in organic Jade GreenZymes® is beneficial in helping balance pH, supporting a strong immune system, and assisting in maintaining blood glucose levels that are already in the normal range.

Kenko mSteps™

mstepsKenko mSteps™ insoles feature energizing massage nodes, extraordinary comfort, Nikken TriPhase® Technology — and DynaFlux® operation that acts like a magnetic field generator inside shoes. Patent-pending DynaFlux Magnetic Technology places magnets in polar opposition to intensify the magnetic field. As you walk, these components change position to produce a dynamic field of energy — and the multiple angles afford 100% magnetic coverage. Exclusive TriPhase Technology adds gentle far-infrared energy and soothing negative ions, while the mSteps surface produces the refreshing sensation of a foot massage. Comfortable and strong, mSteps won’t absorb moisture or odor, are durable and long-wearing.

One pair supports wearers up to 275 pounds.

KenkoLight® I

It's like indoor sunshine.KenkoLight-III provides full-spectrum, balanced light that replicates sunlight — the natural form of light that helps human beings to thrive. Evidence suggests that regular exposure to broad-spectrum light can promote a healthy, normal sleep/wake cycle. KenkoLight® II also slightly increases the amount of blue light, which has been identified as a potentially positive influence on circadian rhythm. Yet unlike the sun, KenkoLight® II emits no potentially harmful ultraviolet rays.

The LED array in the KenkoLight® II reduces the flicker and glare produced by conventional lighting. It uses less electrical power and lasts up to 60 times as long as a light bulb. The clock display and timer includes sunrise lighting — a wakeup setting that gradually increases in brightness to help the sleeper awaken more naturally. A dual-position support arm with diffuser allows KenkoLight® II to be used as a desk lamp and as a mood or nightlight. A built-in USB port adds versatility.

Bone Health Pack

bone_health_packPromote strong, healthy bones and enjoy natural probiotic benefits with the Nikken Bone Health Pack. For lifelong bone maintenance, this combination of products literally helps rebuild bone density as well as assisting in the preservation of joints and cartilage.* Includes OsteoDenx®, CalDenx® and Lactoferrin Gold 1.8®.

OsteoDenx is designed to promote both aspects of bone health— the release and absorption of mineral compounds, and the formation of new bone tissue. It can work to complement the body’s natural tissue growth. CalDenx, an optimized blend of calcium and magnesium, and a source of vitamin D, vitamin K and folate, can help provide the materials needed for this bone regeneration. As bone health depends on the absorption of ingested minerals, Lactoferrin Gold 1.8 serves as a digestion potentiator (a gastroferrin), and is lactose-free.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.